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Recommended for foreigners to buy!Alishan National Forest Recreation Area Full Fare Ticket (Foreigners Only) Bonus: Sunrise Cake and Millet Mochi


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Purchase tickets to Alishan National Forest Recreation Area and get free Sunrise Cake and Millet Mochi from Richu Store! Alishan Forest Recreation Area is like an embedded emerald surrounded by mountains and greenery. The sunrise, the sea of clouds, the sunset, the forest, and the mountaineer railway in the woods that has been in operation for more than a hundred years are listed as the five wonders of Alishan and are world-renowned. There are not only magnificent views but also sunrise cakes and millet mocha that are made with local ingredients here! Taste the local snacks while enjoying the beautiful views and deep experience of your trip to Alishan.

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Buy Alishan National Forest Recreation Area Ticket and get Sunrise Cake and Millet Mochi free from Richu Store.

★Ticket Package- Includes
1. One Alishan National Forest Recreation Area ticket
2. One voucher for redeeming Sunrise Cake and Millet Mochi

|Alishan Forest Recreation Area

"Viewing flowers in spring, beating the heat in summer, enjoying maple leaves in autumn, and watching clouds in winter" describes the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area in detail, which has thousands of views throughout the year. In Alishan, all you need to do is slow down your pace and enjoy the pleasant view of the rolling mountains, fall asleep with the insects singing, and be awakened by the birds chirping in the forest. Pack your luggage and plan a light trip to Alishan to have a forest bathing for body, mind, and soul in the Phytoncide of Shen-mu (Taiwan Red Cypress Trees over 1000 Years). 

  • Alishan Five Wonders

Alishan is one of the five major mountain ranges in Taiwan. Alishan refers to this mountain area in general instead of a mountain. Abundant red junipers and cypresses have been grown here since ancient times. It has become the most extensive forest farm in Taiwan from 1912 to the late 1960s. After cutting by Japan and the National Government of the Republic of China, the original cypress forest was almost cut down. Now there are nearly 40 red cypress giant trees grown in the first and second phases of the giant tree group plank road exist and remind people of the majesty and sacredness of the Shen-mu forest in the past. The tallest " Alishan Xianglin Shenmu (Xianglin Giant Tree) ", which is 45 meters high, 12.3 meters in circumference, and about 2,300 years old, among the Shen-mu is the must-see spot when visiting Alishan.

  • Alishan 8 Scenery Wonders

There is rich ecology in Alishan National Forest Recreation Area. The most special plants are the rare Oleandra wallichii, Huperzia somae, Mahonia oiwakensis, Taiwan Pleione. On the other hand, popular animals include Formosan rock macaque, Mikado Pheasant, Steere's Liocichla, Collared bush robin, Alishan salamander, and so on also make the ecology more lively.

In addition to Shen-mu, Alishan also has many interesting attractions like forest train, dreamlike Sisters Ponds, magnificent sea of clouds, beautiful Zhushan sunrise, Shouzhen Temple, century-old Ciyun Temple, forestry monument, all kinds of cherry blossoms and rhododendrons that bloom in spring and so on. Alishan Forest Recreation Area is a tourist attraction at the international level that can represent Taiwan's cloud forests. It welcomes visitors from all over the world to come to know the rich and beautiful views of Taiwan's forests.

Source: Official website of the Forestry Bureau of the Council of Agriculture of Taiwan and Taiwan Forest Recreation

|Taiwan Alishan Rihchu Store-Millet Mochi and Alishan's Sunrise

Millet can only be grown in high mountain areas at altitudes of over 1,000 meters, and was a main food for people in the mountains in the early days.

During the Japanese era, it was not easy to get food in the mountainous areas, so they made mochi from local materials for loggers to carry to the mountains as a snack.

In modern times, there are different ways to make millet, and various styles and flavors have emerged.

① This is an e-ticket (QR Code). No paper ticket will be sent separately.

② After the payment is complete, please receive the [Payment Successful Notification Letter] from the mailbox of your e-mail, and use the QR Code enclosed in the mail for verification; or go to the [Member Center] on the website→[My Orders]→[Paid] tab→ Click [View] and use the enclosed QR Code for verification.

③ Please present the e-ticket (QR code) at the attraction's verification point and enter after the staff verifies it.

|Alishan Forest Recreation Area

  • Phone: (05)267-9917
  • Address: No. 59, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Official Website:
  • Opening Hours: Mon.~Sun.00:00-24:00
  • How to Verify: Please go to the entrance and enter after the staff scans the QR code.
  • It is a ticket for one person only. Each e-ticket can only be used once and cannot reuse after verification and entrance.

▲ Alishan Forest Recreation Area ticket window

▲ Alishan National Forest Recreation Area verification point

|Alishan Richu Store

  • Opening Hours: Mon.~Sun.09:30-21:00
  • Phone: 05-2679759
  • Location: No.32, Zhongzheng Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County
  • How to Verify: Please go to the counter of the Alishan Richu Store (shown below) and redeem two Sunrise Cakes and one Millet Mochi after the staff scans the QR code.

▲ The service counter of Richu Store


|Terms & Conditions

  • The payment should be completed within 1 hour after the order is confirmed. The system will cancel the order automatically if it is expired.
  • The system does not offer the function to modify the order. Refund and rebook are needed if you want to change the amount.
  • No return or refund after any product was redeemed and used.
  • If the products are not used, please go to Member Center→My Orders(paid orders)→ Refund Application on “this website” to apply for a refund.
  • If you have any system or order problems, please call 03 -5910052 to contact customer service during business hours: Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays) 9:00~12:00 am / 13:00~17:00 pm (one hour break at noon).

|Notes on Alishan Forest Recreation Area

  • Ticket: Full Fare NT$300 (Citizens of this nationality, those who hold identity documents can purchase a discounted ticket of 200 yuan)
    Ticket is free for visitors below
    (1) Handicapped with a certificate and his guardian or one necessary companion.
    (2) Children aged 0-2. Accompanied by an adult who purchased the ticket is required.
    Parking Fee: Flat rate. Small Vehicle NT$100; Motorcycle NT$20

  • Phone:
    Daytime (05)267-9917
    Night (05) 267-9715

  • Service and Facilities:
    Visitor Center: (05)267-9917
    Ticket Office: (05)2679971
    Alishan Station: (05)267-9833, (05)267-9200

  • Visitors who purchase e-tickets for the Forest Recreation Area will be exempted from parking fees by presenting their QR Codes at the designated verification point.

  • For more information, please refer to the Alishan Forest Amusement Park website:

|Suggestion for eating Sunrise Cake and Millet Mochi

  • Storage: To ensure the freshness of the food, please keep it refrigerated and away from heat, and direct sunlight.
  • Storage Life: 7 days refrigerated/ 1 day at room temperature.
  • Notice: Children under the age of six and the elderly please eat slowly in several mouthfuls, and do not swallow it all at once.

  • Each item can only be used once.
  • Once the voucher has been redeemed for bonus gifts, no return is allowed.
  • The package has a validity period of 7 days, which means it must be fully redeemed within 7 days (including the first day of use) after any product is used. For example, if the first product is used on January 1, 2023, the latest expiration date for all products will be January 7, 2023.
  • In the events of force majeure (including but not limited to typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters), for tourists’ safety considerations, the organizer may postpone or cancel the activity and make an announcement and contact in advance. If there is any uncovered matter, the organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, or alter the details of the event.
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