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【Xian Ji Tea】 – Alishan Alpine Pearl Oolong Series – Roasted Oolong Tea (150g/can)


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A self-produced tea house, our oolong is made from top of the range green tip oolong tea leaves. After heavy fermentation, they are roasted with Longan wood. The subtle and unique Longan aromas is unforgettable.

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Xian Ji Tea’s Roasted Oolong Tea is made from heavily fermented green tip oolong leaves, then roasted with Longan wood. The fermentation process produces a floral aroma and a fuller viscosity liquid. The most distinct characteristic of this tea is its almost smoky flavor obtained from the roasting process, the aroma have often been described by oolong connoisseurs as memorable. The depth of the tea, along with its floral aromas, its full-bodied texture, subtle aroma and the notes of Longan trees is the perfect combination that will create an unforgettable experience.

※Brew as you would any other tea, we recommend brewing in a clay tea pot for maximum flavor.

※Operating Hours:08:30~17:00

※Contact Us:0912-002988

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1.If the goods have been used, the return refund will not be accepted.

2.Products are delivered straight from the farm; delivery will take between 2~3 days.

※The best taste period is 2 years.

※Placed in a normal temperature environment, avoiding high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.

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