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【Teascent Valley】Classic Tea Bags – Alishan High Mountain Tea / Small Leaf Variety Black Tea / Mixed


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Teascent Valley – Flat Tea Bags – Alishan High Mountain Tea / Small Leaf Variety Black Tea / Classic Mixed (16 per set). Convenience for use at work or at home; suitable for hot or cold brew.

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Choice Flat Tea Bags, easy for at home or at work use, suitable for both hot and cold brew. Reminders: If using hot brew, each tea bags can be brewed for 2~3 times.

✦Alishan High Mountain Tea✦ 
Alishan High Mountain Tea, selected by our tea masters to ensure only the sprout tips are used for this product. Tea bags are designed in accordance to  Tashin tea region’s terroir. The tea is warming, aroma is subtle and elegant. A true masters tea, suitable for both cold and hot brew.

✦Alishan Small Leaf Variety Black Tea✦ 
Teascent Valley’s small leaf variety black tea is produced with Jinxuan tea leaves. The tasting notes strikes the perfect balance of acidity and bitterness. It has subtle honey, demerara and creamy notes. It is best suited for savoring straight after brew without sugar, or cream. The type of tea tree used for this is small leaf Jinxuan, which is different to large leaf varieties you often see on the market such as Hongyu “Black Jade”, Assam varieties, hence the name small leaf variety black tea.

【 Production Info 】

Taishin tea region is situated in the Northern Peak of Alishan. It is best known for its Jinxuan Oolong. It is a naturally misty valley, in mid to high altitude. Due to it’s geological uniqueness, it is often called the “Home of Jinxuan”. 


※Suitable for cold or hot brew. Adjust concentration according to your liking. Can be brewed multiple times.

※Operating Hours: 09:00-21:00

※Contact Us: 05-3103639

※LINE@Customer Service ID:@teascent-valley

※For more info:

1.If the goods have been used, the return refund will not be accepted.

2.There are no convenience stores nor post office on the mountains, we recommend direct delivery. Our shipment schedule is within 2 days after ordering date.

3.For urgent deliveries, we also recommend direct delivery. Please order before lunch, we’ll ship on the day.


* Best Before: Within 2 years

* Placed in a normal temperature environment, avoiding high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.


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