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【Ming Yuan Cha San Dai】 Alishan Chin Shin Oolong Tea(150g)


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Special selected Rueili hand-picked tea. Mild in fermentation, and light in roast. It is specially formulated to display the flavors of high altitude green tea. (1*150g / can)

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Cha San Dai special origin tea. Teas that are cultivated in the green belt of the Tropic of Cancer, at northern latitude of 23.5 degrees.


It is a misty, moisten land with great temperature variation and relatively short sunshine. The weather allows the bitterness of catechin to be more subdued, the leaves are softer and texture and fuller bodied. Every tea is hand-picked to the best standard of 1-tip 2-leaves; sharp emerald colored tea and a natural aroma is assured in every mouthful.

Chin Shin Oolong Characteristics:

Chin Shin Oolong is known for its diversified aromas, through different fermentation stages and technical handling of the teas, it can create an unique aroma that consists of floral, fruity and honey notes. Tea is clear in color without bitterness. A mild afternotes of sweetness, Chin Shin is often described holding 5 characteristics of aromatic, creaminess, clarity, depth and beauty.

※Brewing Instructions:

Brew in ice or hot water, adjust amount of tea used according to your liking. Tea can be brewed multiple times.


※Hot Water Brewing Proportions:

1 layer of pelleted leaves in tea pot

2 layers of twisted leaves in tea pot

5-8g of leaves per cup

※Cold Brew Proportions:

5g-8g to vessel

※Brewing Time:

For room temperature water, a few hours will suffice (*note); or store in the fridge for 8-10 hours. If teas are left un-refrigerated, consume within 2 hours to ensure best possible flavor.

Note: Twisted tea leaves should be brewed for 2 hours, pelleted tea leave should be brewed for 4 hours.

※Operating Hours::

Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00

Weekends and Holidays 09:00-22:00

※Contact Us: 05-2501796 Mr. Hsu

※For More Info:

Visit us on: https://www.chasandai1980.com/menu.html

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChaSanDai1980

※If product has been opened, we have a 0 refund or replacement policy.

※Careful when using hot water.

※Our products, loose leaf or sachets can be brewed multiple times.

※Packaged and delivered on-site, therefore we have a longer preparation time. The average is around 2-3 days for delivery.


※Expiration Date: 2 years from opening

※Please store in a cool environment. Avoid high heat, excessive dry conditions or direct sunshine.

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