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【Kengyu Tea 】 – Alishan Jinxuan (300g)


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A smallholder farm takes care of its production and every process to ensure the best and most unique Jinxuan we have on offer. The aromas are delicate with sophistication, taste is light with unforgettable sweet afternotes.

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Alishan Jinxuan Tea:

Taiwan Tea Variety 12, or Golden Daylily variety.

The Jinxuan process of Oolong tea making is relatively new and has grown in popularity recently. It has an unique Osmanthus, dairy cream aroma yet delicate on the nose. The tea itself is soft on the palette with sweet afternotes. It is especially popular among younger connoisseurs, and also a special tea variety native to Taiwan.

Rueli tea region is located near the Northern Peak of Alishan Mountain ranges in Meishan Township, Chiayi County. China Fir were mostly grown on the region prior to tea plantations which made the soil packed with organic matters and micronutrients. The temperature fluctuates heavily during night and day, along with misty high mountain weather patterns, the geolocation allows better grow for tea leaves, they become fuller bodied and produces tea leaves that are aromatized yet smooth and sweet on the palette.


Place of Origin: Taiwan / Natural Tea Leaves

Weight: 300g

Producer: Kengyu Tea

Telephone: 0958-789136

Address: 104., 2nd Neighborhood, Rueli Village, Meishan Township, Chiayi County

Best Before: 2 Years

Storage: Please avoid humidity or direct sunlight.

※Suitable for cold and hot brew. Adjust concentration according to your liking. Can be brewed multiple times.

※Operating Hours:09:30 - 17:00

※Contact Us:0958-789136

※For More Info:

1.After opening, we have a no refund and no return policy.

2.Our shipment is normally sent within 3 days of order. (No delivery service on Sundays)

3.Store in sealed container once opened, store in a cool, dry place.

※Best Before: 2 years

※Storage: Please avoid humidity and direct sunlight.

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