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Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Boat.

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To provide passengers with a better lake cruising experience, we recommend all passengers take shuttle boats to visit all of the tourist attractions. The features of the shuttle boats are “on-time departures, fares based on stages, customizable routes and bikes allowed.” Please take advantage of them as you visit Sun Moon Lake.


The boats will take either the forward reverse routes and moor at the three piers (Shuishe, Ita Thao, and Syuanguang Piers). You may take different boats in the same direction (either forward or reverse direction), but not boats going to different directions as they belong to different boat operators.


*Shananshalian Sun Moon Lake Boat Fleet     Tel:886-49-2856625 / 886-977-458625 

*Sun Moon Lake International Yacht Fleet      Tel:886-49-2850688

*Pier Yacht Timetable – Reverse Direction       Tel:886-49-2855656

*Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Boat                        Tel:886-49-2855120

Phone 049-2855656


Phone +886-49-2856879
Phone +886-49-2855656